GILDAS LEMÉ is a new resort-wear brand for men founded by the creative director GWEN. Inspired by the “old money” elegance of South of France and the unique tropical climate of South Asia, we fuse style with innovative materials to create unique comfortable and chic apparels for men. 

The brand name “GILDAS LEMÉ” is a French name composed in two words and carrying a strong signification. The first word “Gildas” is extracted from the name of a village “St. Gildas de Rhuys” located in Brittany, where the founder spent his summers, this name refers to the memory of happiness and eternal summer. Moreover, LEMÉ can be interpreted as “THE MEN” in French, “LE” is a masculine article and MÉ for men contains a very decisive accent which is very masculine. 

Behind this exciting adventure stands our French designer founder: GWEN, has been strongly influenced by his mother, fashion designer and weaver. Gwen grew up among fabrics, wool, creativity and learned at an early age the process of “crafting fabrics from wool, drafting and sewing clothes” with his mother. This has been strongly influenced by the “elegance must” of his childhood apparels, he sees clothing as a way to enhance the human body with a chic image and free spirit.

Multi awarded as a product and interior Designer, GWEN now destined his future to his core passion: “Fashion” to create a brand that truly cares for men and embodies the essence of a Modern and caring lifestyle.

GILDAS LEMÉ mission is to fulfill a gap in men's fashion, particularly in the “resort-wear lifestyle”. We aim to provide “natural style and Elegance” for those living in perpetual summer climates. Through innovative fabrics offering cooling, breathability, lightweight comfort, and UV protection, we enhance the experience of living and working in extreme weather conditions. 

Join us on this journey as we embody the essence of silent luxury and timeless fashion. Together, let's embark on a new chapter of style and comfort, where GILDAS LEMÉ becomes the epitome of refined fashion and the perfect companion for your endless summer adventures.

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